Effective localization.
Breathing Life into Words

Within every narrative, there are emotions, intricately woven foreshadowing with important jokes and hidden nuances.
But what if the essence of those emotions, hints, and jokes are lost in translation?

Thus, we go beyond mere linguistic conversion; focusing on capturing the emotions that authors and creators infuse into their works.
Receive “emotion-conveying translations” that transcend the limitations of conventional translation evoking the same feelings in audiences as the original work intended.



  • Native speakers with exceptional language skills

    To ensure natural-sounding translations, our translators are all native speakers of the target language who hold high-level qualifications. Expect us to deliver translations that resonate with native speakers and maintain a natural feel with your content.

  • Triple-check System

    We utilize a triple-check system to guarantee no errors in the final product. We aim to ensure that audiences are able to genuinely enjoy the content as though it were originally created in their language.

  • Reliable and timely delivery

    The global audience’s appetite for content in multiple languages makes it imperative for timely and reliable service.
    You can be sure we’ll meet all your deadlines to ensure the most effective worldwide release.

  • A specialized team

    Translating entertainment content may appear easy, requiring no specialized knowledge. On the contrary, it demands a high level of expertise to deliver a captivating experience. MediBang's translation team consists of gamers and “otaku,” who work with a wide array of genres, including those related to LGBTQ+ and other subcultures.

  • Deliver your content to the world

    Not only in translation services, but we also don the role of a publisher for the many titles. Helping you navigate the journey from translation to international distribution, providing you with a comprehensive destination for all-encompassing solutions.

  • Unlocking a Global Audience

    Tailored to resonate across cultural boundaries, captivate a broader audience, ensuring your stories are heard far and wide.
    With our network, media connections, and a community of millions on our MediBang platforms, we can amplify your reach worldwide.

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A diverse array of localization and distribution services is designed to cater to your unique needs.
Our achievements and versatility make us a magnet for frequent requests from a multitude of satisfied customers.

  • Shueisha Inc.
  • Futabasha Publishers Ltd.
  • viviON, inc.
  • SHINCHOSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd.
  • Amazia,inc.
  • qureate Inc.
  • Ohzora Publishing.Co.Ltd.
  • Canna Comics

Partnership with over 200 valued clients.


We value "Not just the words but expressing the atmosphere as well" through translation, receiving high praises from not only our clients but the end users as well.

  • We always appreciate your speedy translations.
    Thanks to you, we are able to publish the newest chapters of many of our works in Japan and abroad at the same time.
    Shonen Jump+ Editorial Department

  • We were able to request everything from translation to creation of data for online e-books, and it was a complete lifesaver! Even last minute edits weren't a problem and tasks got carried out on time before the deadline!

  • We were able to leave the entire process to MediBang, which was such a relief! The number of partner stores is also increasing by the day, which means increased profits too!

  • They have a wide array of services you can count on, such as translation and publishing for overseas stores. Their satisfaction rating amongst users outside of Japan is also really high! Since they're such a big player in the market, the number of opportunities to reach potential clients is endless!



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